Friday, September 11, 2015

[NOTDs] Summer 2013

My last post explains where I have been and my plans for this blog.

I am rehashing my old manicures that I had posted on Instagram.  (My nails-only Instagram is @stumpynails; my main Instagram account, where I used to post NOTDs, is @stephanienics.)  Here are my painted nails from summer days in 2013.

Nicole by OPI That's Totally Red-ical

Zoya June (this one is a little patchy)

Zoya Miley (definitely patchy)

Essie The Girls Are Out

Julep Alaina and Julep Cassie

Julep Blake dotted with Sally Hansen White Out

Sally Hansen Violet Voltage

Wet n Wild Mermaid Curves (1 coat) over Zoya Zuza (1 coat) 

Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle (1 coat) over New York Color Lavender Cupcake (2 coats)

Zoya Lola (indirect sunlight)

Zoya Lola (indoor lighting)

Zoya Garbo

Tillie I'm a Mermaid

Unless otherwise specified, I use a basecoat, two coats of color, then a topcoat.  My favorite topcoat has always been New York Color Grand Central Station.  I don't remember what basecoat I used back in 2013; possibly it was Zoya Anchor.

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