Monday, March 5, 2012

[Review] Zoya Feel Collection

My favorite winter nail polishes are light blues, grays, dusty pinks, and dusty purples.  The Zoya Feel Collection embodies these colors.

Zoya Feel Collection
I own 5 out of the 6 polishes in the Feel Collection.  Pictured above are (left to right) Kristen, Carey, Megan, Kendal, and Kennedy.  (The pale pink at the end is Portia, not part of the new collection.)  I do not own the final color Avery, but I do have a Zoya spoon (aka swatch) for Avery, and I'm glad that I didn't buy it because it is a peach that makes my cool-tone skin look sickly yellow.

All of the polishes in the collection are dusty (grayed / desaturated) colors.  All of the polishes have a cream finish - no sparkles or glitter here.  All of the polishes have a thick consistency.  Kristen, Carey, and Megan go on smoothly and look great in two coats.  Megan could probably be a one-coater if you apply a thick coat.  However, Kennedy and especially Kendal are more goopy and apply somewhat streaky.  I didn't have any problems with these chipping; they were all long-lasting mani/pedicures.

For all the pictures below, I used Orly Bonder as my basecoat and New York Color "Grand Central Station" as my topcoat.

Manicure: Zoya Megan, pedicure: Zoya Kristen (tungsen lighting)
Zoya Megan is a blue-leaning dusty light purple.  The application is a dream, and it evens itself out nicely.  I could almost get away with one coat (see below).
Zoya Megan (1 coat, indoor lighting)
Zoya Kristen looks bright compared to the rest of the collection, but it is a dusty baby blue.  I absolutely love this color.  This polish is very thick, but I could still apply it easily.
Zoya Kristen (2 coats, sunlight)
Manicure: Zoya Carey, pedicure: Zoya Malia (tungsten lighting)
Zoya Carey is the darkest color of the collection.  It is a gray-blue.  Again, I had no problems with application.
Zoya Carey (2 coats, indoor lighting)
Zoya Kennedy is a weird color, the color of Silly Putty.  I do like the color, but I'm not sure I like it on my nails.  The polish itself is chalky, and you can see below that it looks somewhat goopy and uneven on my nails.
Zoya Kennedy (2 coats, sunlight)
I never took a picture of Zoya Kendal on my nails.  That's not surprising since I hated it.  Kendal has a terrible formulation.  It is very thick, goopy, and streaky.  It is a lovely color - a pink-leaning dusty light purple polish.  In the bottles, Kendal and Megan look alike, but they are distinctly different on my nails since one looks pink and one looks blue.

In conclusion, I love Carey, Kristen, and Megan, and I would highly recommend them, especially Carey and Kristen since they are more unusual polish colors.  I'd recommend Kennedy with some reservations because it is a very unique color.  I do NOT recommend Kendal though because of its terrible formulation.

Oh, one more positive aspect of the Feel Collection: the colors are all soft pastels and would also be great colors for spring.

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