Saturday, March 3, 2012

[Haul] Zoya

Previously, I only had a couple bottles of Zoya nail polish, purchased from a local beauty supply store, and I was impressed with them.  In December, I made my first purchase from  Now that I have more Zoya polishes, I think it is my new favorite nail polish brand.  I purchased 11 polishes, including 5 out of the 6 new colors from the winter Feel Collection.

Zoya nail polish haul
The polishes in the top row are (left to right)  Kristen, Carey, Megan, Kendal, Kennedy, and Porta.  The polishes on the bottom row are Nikki, Malia, Rea, Faye, and Moxie.  I've tried them all and love them all except for Kendal, which has a thick consistency and is not easy to apply, and Kennedy, which just looks like an odd color against my skintone.  You'll be able to see me wearing most of these polishes in upcoming posts.

Zoya Kristen | Zoya Carey | Zoya Megan | Zoya Kendall
Zoya Megan | Zoya Kendall | Zoya Kennedy | Zoya Portia
Zoya Nikki | Zoya Malia | Zoya Rea
Zoya Rea | Zoya Faye | Zoya Moxie
I love whites, baby blues, pastel pinks, and purples in the winter.  I noticed my latest nail polishes match the colors of my winter sweaters.

My winter sweaters in my favorite winter colors
With my purchase of those 11 bottles of polish, I received two sets of "spoons," swatches of some of Zoya's recent collections.  I also received a free 7-ounce container of Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub and a free 2-ounce bottle of the Zoya nail polish remover.

[Freebies] Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover and Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub
The Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover contains no acetone, works better at removing my nail polish  than my acetone-based remover, and it smells like lavender.  I love it, and I have already purchased a larger size.

The Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub is the most amazing hand/foot/body scrub I have ever used.  I use a teeny tiny drop of the scrub on my hands and feet, and it makes them feel super smooth and moisturized.  The scrub smells deliciously like ruby red grapefruit and sugar.  It actually looks and smells like the filling from jelly candies that I used to eat as a child.  Every time I use it, I have to resist the urge to eat it.  I looked up the price of this product on the Zoya/Art of Beauty website, and this full-size container sells for $18!  One, that's an excellent freebie to include with my purchase! Two, Zoya sure knew what they were doing enticing me with this freebie scrub because I love it so much that when I run out, I'll probably fork over the $18 for a new one.

To celebrate the beginning of 2012, Zoya had offered two free nail polishes to everyone.  I only had to pay $7 for shipping for two bottles that would normally cost $16 (no including shipping costs).  I bought Zanna and Bela.

Zoya Zanna and Zoya Bela
I originally hadn't purchased Zanna because I thought it would be too similar to another Zoya polish I already owned, Mia.  I swatched them, and Zanna is darker and more blue than Mia.

Swatches of OPI Japanese Rose Garden (pointer), Zoya Zanna (middle finger), and Zoya Mia (ring finger)
On Valentine's Day, offered free shipping on all orders plus one free red nail polish.  I purchased a large container of the Zoya Remover+ (backordered), the Zoya Anchor basecoat, and the red polish Tosca.  Tosca is a bright pink red with orange shimmers, a summer color.  It appears more pink in person than in the picture below.

Zoya Tosca and Zoya Anchor basecoat
And that's everything I've bought from Zoya in the last three months!

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