Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Review] New Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polishes

I bought five of the new Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes.  I think some of the colors are new, and the entire line has new packaging.  The sturdy new bottles and pretty colors grabbed my attention.

[New Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polishes] Undercover, Sugar Coat, On a Trip, Disturbia, Candy-licious
The new bottles contain .45 ounces of product instead of .3 ounces.  The new bottles are square(ish), are made with a thicker glass, and have "Wet n Wild" inscribed in the sides.  However, some of the bottle bases are not flat, so they may wobble a bit.

The new brushes are wider, which may be a good or bad aspect depending on what your prefer.  I generally prefer more narrow brushes.  Unfortunately, the new brushes are very fluffy, making it difficult to precisely apply the polish.  Also, the brushes have inconsistent quality.  A couple of my brushes are symmetrical while others are asymmetric, twisted, or have irregular length brush hairs.

New Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish brush
The consistency of the nail polishes is the same, from what I can tell.  They have a thick consistency, and most of these polishes go on opaque in one or two coats.  (Sugar Coat needs three coats because it is a little streaky and lighter.)  I do like wider brushes with thick polish, so that is a good match.

Here are a few of the Megalast manicures I've worn already.  All are shown over my Orly Bonder basecoat with a coat of New York Color Grand Central Station on top.

Wet n Wild Megalast Undercover (2 coats, sunlight)
Wet n Wild Disturbia (2 coats, sunlight)
3 coats Wet n Wild Megalast Sugar Coat topped with 1 coat Essie Kisses & Bises (sunlight)
The polishes I have tried have all lasted me a few days without chipping.  Undercover lasted five days!

I bought these polishes for only $1.19 each at RiteAid when they were on sale.  Normally, they cost $1.99, which I think is still a good deal.

Overall, I think the Wet n Wild Megalast polishes are excellent quality nail polishes for the price as long as you don't mind the brushes.

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