Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[NOTD] Color Club Blushing Rose with Glitter

I don't like Color Club Blushing Rose.  It's from the new Color Club Blossoming Collection for spring 2012.  It is incredibly streaky and does not even out on my nails.  I had to apply four coats to hide the streaks, and I would have had to applied five if I wasn't covering it with glitter.  The color is also too stark against my cool-tone pale skin.  It is a milky bubblegum pink that is almost neon.  I had been hoping it would be less stark and more muted.  I hate it.

Shown below is 1 coat of Orly bonder, 4 coats of Blushing Rose, 1 coat of China Glaze Techno (on all fingers except my accent fingers), and 1 coat of New York Color Grand Central Station.  My accent fingers have 3 coats of Sally Hansen Strobe Light.  So my accent fingers have 9 coats of polish - 3 of those glitter - to remove.  That will be fun.

Color Club Blushing Rose (4 coats), China Glaze Techno (1 coat), and Sally Hansen Strobe Light on accent nail (3 coats)

I do love the glittery China Glaze Techno.  It looks great with only one coat, and it sparkles in the sunlight.  It sparkles so much that my camera had a difficult time focusing on my nails.

China Glaze Techno sparkling in the sunlight

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