Friday, April 20, 2012

[NOTD] Orly Cupcake and Artificial Sweetener

The two Orly polishes I am wearing today have saccharin names.  My manicure is three coats of Orly Cupcake, and my pedicure is two coats of Orly Artificial Sweetener.  Normally, I only need two coats of Cupcake, but I was having a bad nail-painting day, and I even had to redo my manicure.  I like the creamy lilac pink that is Cupcake.  I'm not fond of the blah-neutral-pink-with-shimmers Artificial Sweetener.  I think it's an old lady color (whatever that means in my mind).

Orly Cupcake
Orly Cupcake
Orly Artificial Sweetener and Cupcake
[Orly Pinks] Cupcake mani, Artificial Sweetener pedi

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