Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection

I'm 29 years old, and I only started painting my nails a year ago.  To make up for 28 polish-less years, I have collected 129 bottles of nail polish.

My nail polish collection

I store my bottles of nail polish in two wooden clementine crates on my dresser.  Pictured above is my collection as of a couple weeks ago - before my latest acquisitions.  Now the bottles are overflowing onto my dresser countertop, so I either need ANOTHER crate or maybe some fancy shelves to display my polishes on a wall.

Where I store my nail polish
My nail polish collection on my dresser

Excluding top and basecoats, this is my current tally of bottles of nail polish:

24 Essie
18 Zoya
17 China Glaze
14 Orly
10 Revlon
10 Wet n Wild
8 Maybelline
8 Sally Hansen
5 New York
5 Color Club
3 Milani
3 Nicole by OPI
1 Essence
1 Sinful Colors

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