Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Haul] My First Zoya Polishes

Last weekend, I took a quick trip to the mall, and I bought more nail polish.  I just started painting my nails last winter, so I don't have many polishes.  (Well, I do now.)

I was looking for polishes in autumn colors.  The local beauty supply store in the mall had nail polish on sale: buy 2 get 1 half off.  I picked up these three beauties.

Zoya "Shivon" | Zoya "Mia" | Zoya "Nina"
As soon as I arrived home, I tested out the colors.  They are all beautiful and compliment my skin color (super pale and leaning towards a cool tone).  My favorite color for fall is "Shivon," and it's on my toenails now.

Zoya "Shivon" :: This polish is a vibrant pink-tone red with a gold shimmer.  It reminds me of autumn leaves and Thanksgiving and... cornucopias.  I'm odd.  Does any nail polish remind you of cornucopias?

Zoya "Mia" :: This is a lovely slightly-muted creamy pink.  If I was Zoya brand, I'd name this color Victoria. This polish is very similar to Essie's new "Lady Like" except "Lady Like" is slightly more purple/mauve while this is more pink.

Zoya "Nina" :: "Nina" is a dark (but not too dark) milk chocolate brown.  It leans towards a red-brown, which compliments my skin much more nicely than a green-brown.

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