Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Nails of the Week] Zoya Shivon, Essie Lady Like, Essie Size Matters, & Revlon Gray Suede

For all nails in this post, I used Sally Hansen "Double Duty" for the base coat and New York Color "Grand Central Station" for the top coat.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I wore the festive Zoya "Shivon."

Zoya Shivon (2 coats, tungsten lighting)

"Shivon" is a metallic red with gold shimmer on top.  This is one of my favorite nail polishes.  It has a flash of gold, but the base color is blue-toned, so it still looks good on my cool-tone pale skin.

Earlier in the week, I tried to paint my nails with my favorite nail color from last fall, Revlon's "Gray Suede," but the polish has gotten goopy.

Revlon Gray Suede (2 coats, tungsten lighting)

"Gray Suede" is a gorgeous taupe with a slight shimmer, which wasn't picked up in my picture.  I love the color, so I will try polish thinner to spruce up the polish or buy a new bottle.  Unfortunately, I was busy preparing for Thanksgiving, and I ruined this manicure within an hour.

A week ago, I was wearing Essie "Lady Like," a lovely creamy mauve color.

Essie Lady Like (2 coats, outdoor cloudy-day lighting)

All last week (and still now), I wore Essie "Size Matters" on my toenails.

Essie Size Matters (2 coats, direct and indirect sunlight)

"Size Matters" is a dark blue-tone creamy red.  You could probably get away with just one coat, but I'm clumsy and almost always apply two coats to mask any mistakes from the first-coat application.  In fact, I am such a clutz that I somehow got this polish on the bottom of my feet and tracked it along my hardwood floors.


  1. Beautiful colors! Have you tried the crackle nail polish? It is A-mazing!

  2. Thanks! I have tried China Glaze's "Black Mesh." It's a cool effect, but it drives me crazy when my nails don't feel smooth. It's a weird pet peeve. :-P